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Chamber of Thought

Logic, Constructed, Ideation

​Musings|2020|Percussion Trio|1'00

​Temporal Streams(2020)|Solo Piano|5-10'00 (variable tempi)

Visions of The Novice(2021)|String Quartet/String Orchestra|5'00

Transient Frameworks(2021)|String Trio|10'00

Liquid Codex(2022)|Piano and Violin|7'00


Study For Brass Quintet(2023)|Brass Quintet written for Onyx Brass|2'30

Aperture|Solo Cello|1'00


Tulpa(2023)|Chamber Orchestra, premiered at the Aldeburgh Festival 2023|5'00

Codex(2024)|Solo Harpsichord, written for Mahan Esfahani, premiered at NNF 2024|6'00

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